12 January 2011

The 100th Blog Post Party Time Extravaganza!

As was mentioned in that ridiculous post title, this is the one hundredth post on this blog. On a blog that's over two and a half years old, that probably means I should be posting more often. Perhaps I could cut back on the wistful rants about adolescence while I'm at it! Ha, but in all seriousness, I do plan on posting on this little page a lot more this year. I want to document my process and just the general workings of things a little more closely. I think that would be fun.
Above is a new ink/acrylic/graphite drawing that will be in Comb The Field, an upcoming joint exhibition between me, Mark Brabant, Punchgut, and Crystal Benoit. In addition to some older and current work, I will be showing five previously unreleased prints, as well as four new drawings. A poster promoting the show will also be available.


Superbadfriend said...

COngrats on the new(ish) website, Justin. Looks great. Good luck with your upcoming show. :)

Justin Santora said...

Thanks very much!