26 January 2011

Maybe I shouldn't be butting in here, but you can catch the most with dead squirrels.

Today's warm up drawing is brought to you by a picture I took in Vermont in the late spring of 2009. I had just temporarily moved to Montreal and upon discovering how expensive postage in Canada is, was on a mission into upstate New York to ship out a big batch of mailing tubes. I noticed that the Vermont border was only two miles away, so I stopped over and checked out Lake Champlain before driving back to my apartment in Montreal. This picture was taken from the bank of Lake Champlain. There's my trusty Toyota parked on the shoulder of a rural two-lane road.
Making the trip back into the US to ship posters was actually kind of fun the first time, but it got tedious rather quickly. I recall my old roommate walking into the kitchen one morning and saying, "I'm just waking up, and you've already been in two countries?!"
After this photo was taken, I turned around and headed back for the border. The home stretch through rural Quebec was always pretty relaxing.

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