17 December 2008

Free the Shministim!

I received an important email from the Jewish Voice for Peace and thought I'd pass along the message. Check out December18th.org and lend your support to young Israeli conscientious objectors who have been imprisoned for their refusal to serve in occupied Palestine.

09 December 2008

What's new at Pink Slip Press

Last week, I did a two color gig poster for The Spintoband. I've been experimenting more with ink for my line art. I 'm looking forward to using ink and brush work for some of my color separations in addition to (and in conjunction with) good old fashioned rubylith.

In other news, I hand printed a one color run of 600 CD jackets. They're going to be die cut this week (not by me). I'm happy to report I completed the run without wrist pain or any ostensible repetitive stress injuries.

I'm also designing tour posters for the band, State Radio and doing a t shirt design for Krush Skatepark.
As soon as I get finished with that, I can get back to a new series of art prints I've been working on. Below is a shot of one of my positives at the light table.

01 December 2008

RAWA Benefit art print available!

I recently put this art print up for sale on my website and in the classifieds at gigposters.com. I will be donating all proceeds from this print to the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, which is an indepenedent human and women's rights organization that provides healthcare and education to women and children in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sales have been going well, and I'm excited to be raising money for this cause.

Other than that, I'm printing a new poster today, and I've got some new art prints in the works.

Take care!

19 October 2008

New drawing and art print in the works!

It's been a while since I've made a post! I've been busy printing and maintaining my website. I've also been doing installation and preparatory work at Within Reason. Here is a pencil drawing for an art print I am working on. It will probably be four or five colors, one of which will be a transparent silver overprint.
Right now, my plan is to donate all the proceeds from the print to a charity that would benefit people in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the West Bank/Gaza strip.

I've also recently spent some time living without health insurance. Now that I have had a policy issued to me, I can skateboard again without worrying so much.

22 August 2008

Printing posters

Here are some posters I printed yesterday afternoon. Today, I'm shipping them off to San Francisco.

I like working from home.

18 August 2008

justinsantora.com is now up

Greetings, all. I am happy to announce that my artist website, justinsantora.com is now completely up and running. Equally pleasing is the fact that I have recently completed undergrad and will hopefully be doing a lot of freelance art and screen printing while skating and working part time until grad school (whenever that will be).

29 July 2008

Notes from the light table

Here's a shot from my light table while doing color separations for a small art print.

20 July 2008

The Commish

Below are pictures of a piece I recently completed for a private commission.

Waiting Room, enamel on masonite panel, 45"x56", 2008

I am a patient boy... I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait!

12 June 2008

"Bodywork" exhibit at Parts and Labor

I will be showing work at the Parts and Labor Collective this Saturday, June 14th. Check it out.

21 May 2008

Interview in Manufactured Dissent

Hey! I am being featured in Manufactured Dissent, an online art collective. Check it out.

17 May 2008

Recent work

Below is select work from the exhibition, "A Letter of Resignation" at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

(Above, left to right)

1. Loose Lips Sink Staff Meetings, enamel on skateboard deck, 2008
The Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime!, enamel on skateboard deck, 2008
3. [Untitled], enamel on skateboard deck, 2008

(Above, left to right)

1. On the Forefront in Excellence and Leadership, enamel on skateboard deck, 2008
2. This Year, I'm Buying a Boat, enamel on skateboard deck, 2008
3. I Hate Our Answering Machine, enamel on skateboard deck, 2008

(left to right)
Ten Qualities of an Effective Team Player, enamel on skateboard deck, 2008
2. Focus Group Participants Will Receive a Fifty Dollar Gift Certificate, enamel on skateboard deck, 2008