04 March 2013

Undercooked kale chips and sleeping cats

I'm back from LA and dealing once again with the cold of Chicago, haha.  I had a great time out west for the Gallery 1988 show with JC Richard.  If you're interested, the entire show has been posted online here.

I had some pretty incredible food while we were in LA ("we" meaning me and my excellent girlfriend, Ingrid).  Kevin Tong met us for dinner before the opening reception and showed us Cafe Gratitude, which more or less blew my mind.  Our hosts, Jimmy and Sean (Ingrid's uncle and his partner, respectively) showed us a great time, some lovely sights, and an interesting documentary about the 1980's underground drag scene.

Jensen, Kate, Amber, and rest of the crew at Gallery 1988 all did an awesome job hanging the show, and everything looked greatI finally met JC Richard in person, and he was even nicer than he is in his emails.
It feels good to be back, even after such a short trip.  I've suddenly got a lot to finish before leaving for Austin to participate in Flatstock 38.  There's some pretty cool stuff coming up.  Real talk.