31 December 2010

Package Thief

To the left, is a new(ish) art print that will be available (along with two color variants) at an upcoming joint exhibition with Mark Brabant, Punchgut, and Crystal Benoit called Comb The Field. This print will also serve as the artwork for the Chicago band, Save the Clocktower's upcoming album.
You'll also notice my poor, dormant bicycle, which I put a good number of miles on this year. I'm very much looking forward to riding again, as soon as weather permits (ha, like it would any time soon).

I just signed my last stack of posters for 2010, a poster for the Comb The Field exhibition. I've printed close to 50 different items this year between art prints, gig posters, and one run of CD jackets. I met tons of amazing, friendly, talented, and generally rad people. I also discovered curry ketchup, sweet potato and kale burritos, fostered a couple of dogs, and ground the trucks on my skateboard into the axle.

It's been a blast, and I'd say I'm looking forward to 2011. Oh, how convenient! Here it comes.

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VijaVija said...

I loved your summary of 2010. :)
Good luck with 2011! I hope we get to see you often!