27 January 2010

2010 Subscription/Haiti Relief

I'm all caught up on record keeping (ha, wish I could say the same for bookkeeping), and it turns out there is ONE spot left for the 2010 print subscription. I would like to fill this space, particularly since I've decided to donate all proceeds from this spot (save for postage, $50 US/$80 INT'L) to Partners In Health to assist in Haiti relief efforts. That means you and I would be making at least a $375 donation. Maybe consider going in on the sub with a person or two. Or just get it yourself and keep all the prints. Or gift them. Or make huge card houses out of them! Let's do this.

Contact me with any questions.

2010 Print Subscription
Partners In Health

23 January 2010

My new friend

Hi. This is Hornet. Hornet is a retired racing greyhound that I will be fostering for the next week until he goes to his permanent home. Greyhounds understand very little about a normal home life. When they leave the racetrack, they have to adjust to things that most dogs have already mastered from a young age. For example, it is common for greyhounds to be unfamiliar with (and even nervous about) ascending or descending stairs. They don't initially understand the concept of playing, as they simply have not lived the life of an ordinary dog. The job of a foster caretaker is help begin the process of socialization, as well as observe and report on behavioral patterns in the dog. I picked him up in Wisconsin this afternoon and have been spending time with him, letting him explore/adjust. He's had a pretty busy day so far and is fast asleep on the floor next to me as I type this.


12 January 2010

Let's paint, exercise, and print posters!

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates here and on my site. I've been spending a lot of time in my new studio working on art prints and gig posters (a few for Chicago's Abbey Pub, as well as one for a Dinosaur Jr. show).
I've got lots of new stuff on the way, including new posters and art prints that will be for sale very shortly. I will be showing work alongside many other screen printers in a group show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.
In other news, I'm taking a cue from my pals Diana and Jay and working on fostering a retired racing greyhound for a short time this year. I hope to have more on that soon!