19 January 2011

Unlimited Symmetry

To the left is a quick little warm up drawing I did today while I was waiting for some freshly coated screens to dry. It is based on a picture I took in Hamburg at Flatstock this most recent fall. That's my pal Jeremy from Pop Fuel with a post-it note on his glasses that had read, "TOTAL RUBBISH!" I'm not sure what it was doing there, but I walked over to his booth in time to snap the photo on which this little sketch is based.
I've taken to starting days out with little practice drawings, giving special attention to contour lines and the darkest areas. Lately, I've felt a little overwhelmed when approaching certain compositions with ink, and I think going back to basics is helping me regain some of my comfort. I've just kind of been going through various photos on my camera's memory card and doing a quick drawing or two. Stay tuned for tomorrow's drawing, which should feature the singer from Boy Division during their post-Flatstock set on the boat.

Is anybody else as stoked as I am to hear that the Archers of Loaf played a reunion show this past weekend? Bummed I missed it (and that I was unaware of it and about 800 miles away), but rather excited at the (currently speculative) prospect of additional reunion shows.

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