30 September 2010

There's something wrong with my toast

Colored Gigs Volume 2 opened last night in Dresden. The turnout was great, and the show went really well overall. I ate lots of great vegan food from a nearby restaurant, learned some new German words and phrases, and I found that my inability to be photographed (without looking ridiculous) seems to know no borders. Tonight is night two of the show, and with all the work already hung, we're left with lots of free time until this evening. The sun is finally out, and I'm looking forward to getting outside and seeing some more of the city today.
On Tuesday, my host, Lena, took us to see Dresden's contemporary art museum, the Semper Opera House, the Frauenkirche, and other various beautiful sights in the city.

I have been getting some emails about two recent posters I did for The Black Keys. If anyone is curious and happens to be reading this, they will be for sale on my site in the next few days, hopefully before I fly back to Chicago on Sunday (but definitely by Monday).

27 September 2010

"...he sang the song that ended the earth."

Hello from Dresden! I am staying in an apartment here as we prepare for Colored Gigs 2, a rock poster show that will take place this week. We (Guy, Gina, and I) rode here with the Douze crew last night after the traditional post-Flatstock Europe boat ride. Much fun was had on the boat despite the rain and cold. Boy Division regaled us with some of the most punk rock covers of an expansive and eclectic selection of music (complete with a stack of broken cymbals, matching sailor suits, megaphone vocals, and the occasional keytar lead). They must be the only band in the history of music to do a medley of "The Final Countdown" and the Cure's "Killing an Arab."
Flatstock Europe 5 was an excellent experience, as was the show at Feinkunst-Kruger Gallery. I made some new friends, and I saw many of the awesome people I met last year, particularly Luke and Graham, who kept me laughing for a good portion of Flatstock. I brought my skateboard this year, so I got to skate Flora, an entirely DIY concrete park built behind an abandoned theater. It was certainly one of the most challenging parks I've ever ridden, but it's not impossible. I've been told the locals can rip the place apart, but I never got to see them. In any case, it's one of the most ambitious and impressive DIY undertakings I currently know of. I also met a nice gentleman from the north of Germany, who took me to another bowl, "The Granny Pool." It is a traditional swimming pool style bowl constructed directly behind an old folks home (hence the name).

Okay, more updates are on the way (since I now have regular internet access), so stay tuned. Lots of excitement!

21 September 2010

It's a long way back to Germany

Leaving town for any length of time is always a kind of strange feeling. Not at first, I suppose, but I can remember being a kid and taking in all the familiar sights of our town as we got closer and closer to the house upon returning from a family vacation. I recall always being struck with a bizarre (albeit profoundly obvious) realization that everything back home had gone on completely unabated in my absence.

I'm at my friends' apartment in Chicago. This is the last time I will be in this building (as far as I know, at least). For the past three years, some good friends of mine have lived in the second and third floors of a building on the north side of Chicago, and they're moving out in a week. I'm leaving for Germany this afternoon. By the time I get back, a going away party will have come and gone, bags and boxes and backseats will be packed up and emptied elsewhere, and this apartment will be occupied by a bunch of strangers.

19 September 2010

Thought I'd get away. You don't ask, so I don't say.

My good friend and roommate, Joel has a new photography blog up now. Five and six years ago, Joel and I used to take skate photos all the time in Chicago and the surrounding areas. He and I went skateboarding today and got a few new photographs. Above is me doing a backside tailslide this afternoon. This photograph (and the moment documented therein) was brought to you entirely independently of any marketing firms, soccer moms, or rapacious sporting goods companies.

Check out Dogs Not Taxis.

07 September 2010

Notes from gate N2

I am at Sea-Tac Airport waiting for my flight to Chicago to board. Flatstock 27 has come and gone, but it was an excellent experience. Highlights for me included going out to eat at 50's style diner with Kevin Tong and Daniel Danger, searching Bumbershoot with Kevin Tong for delicious vegan food, kicking myself for not bringing my skateboard but still getting to ride an awesome park with Ben from Diesel Fuel Prints (who shared his board with me for our two-man session), making plans to come back and do even more skating next year, anonymous rubber band wars between fellow Flatstock vendors, and meeting lots of great people, and seeing the familiar faces of equally great people.
I also bought a collection of short stories by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie entitled, The Thing Around Your Neck. I have already started reading it. It may be difficult to complete the sketches I am supposed to be doing on my flight home.

Fall mystery tubes and other new stuff available here.

03 September 2010

My Coffee With Niles

Greetings from Seattle! I arrived last night, hungry and tired. I took the Light Rail, which is Seattle's (partially) elevated train system, into the city from the airport. I met up with a friend, checked into my room, and wandered the streets for a bit. In a stroke of luck, I walked past a hotdog vendor whose stand had a pleasant vegan surprise: tofu dogs!

With my concerns about finding something to eat at midnight in Seattle put to rest under a bed of onions, Dijon, peppers, and Sriracha sauce; I hung out for a bit with my old friend, Dan. Dan is an archeologist who moved to Seattle three or four years ago. We grew up in the same town. He told me about Seattle, we had a beer, and caught part of a small jazz/blues quintet's set.

Today, I'm enjoying some tea and orange slices and trying to figure out what to do with myself for the afternoon. Flatstock does not begin until tomorrow, so I'm going to do some exploring and see what other awesome (animal-friendly) food this city is hiding!