18 February 2013

I'm just trying to keep it together here.

So as I've been mentioning a lot here and on myspace facebook, I will be showing a bunch of new paintings and art prints alongside Mr. JC Richard at Gallery 1988 (Melrose).  Both Richard and I will be in attendance on the night of the opening reception (March 1st, 2013), and the show will be up through March 23rd.  I just took a whole mess of work over to my dear photographer friend Logan to be photographed.  I spent a good chunk of yesterday evening cropping and adjusting the photos, so those of you who don't live in the LA area will still be able to see the show on Gallery 1988's website when the show goes live (more info on that very soon hopefully).
Okay!  Time to start packing up prints and paintings to send to the gallery, and I've one more new art print to squeeze in for the show.  Stay tuned for a few previews.

14 February 2013

Preview to the max

Here's a blurry phone photo of me laying down a hand painted layer on a few wood variants of a new art print.  I'm trying something new for the upcoming show at Gallery 1988.  There will be (very) limited runs of some of my prints on maple plywood.  This particular one has a hand painted color on each wood print.

06 February 2013

The sound of a new world being born

Oh hi!  Here's a close up (poorly lit, not-sharply-focused) picture from a new art print I just finished.  The rest of this print, along with other new prints, along with several paintings, along with lots of new work from JC Richard will be unveiled at Gallery 1988 on March 1st.  Okay, back to work!