29 August 2010

Hound two

Hello. Above on the right is my new friend, T Rex. He used to race under the name, "Alkay's Easy Come." His name was shortened to Easy at the shelter, and I was informed that his new owners would be calling him "T Rex" or just "Rex." Rexy quickly mastered the art of climbing and descending stairs. He got along swimmingly with my roommates Chesapeake Bay retriever, and the two even played with each other. He was an absolute pleasure to foster. I took him to his forever home in Evanston yesterday, where he will live out many warm and friendly years with a great family.
To the left is one of two posters I printed this past week. I've got two more to print this week before I leave for Seattle on Thursday.

21 August 2010

100% Tree

Hello, blog patron. I hope today's post finds you well. I'm organizing my studio, and getting ready to print some posters. I'm also gearing up to head off to Seattle for the first time to participate in Flatstock 27, and I'm preparing for my new houseguest, Easy. Easy is a retired racing greyhound whom I will begin fostering tomorrow. He'll be hanging out with me for a week until he goes to live in Evanston with his new family.

I currently have a show on display at Fillintheblank Gallery called "A Walking Tour of Here." Yeah, yeah, that's old news, but here's the fun part: The gallery is offering free shipping on all domestic orders, as well as discounted international shipping. Check it out here: http://www.fillintheblankgallery.com/justin-santora/

15 August 2010

Twelve roses

The opening reception turned out great, despite Chicago's trademark summer humidity. Many friends and family came out, as well as lots of other great people. Art was debuted, good conversations had, pictures taken, hummus eaten, etc.
When I was still in undergrad, a professor of mine told me about the art website, Bad At Sports. They've interview a couple friends of mine, and they just do a lot of coverage of what's going on in Chicago. I was pretty flattered to see that they had listed the show as #2 on their Top 5 Weekend Picks this week.
Lastly, for those of you who are interested, Fillintheblank Gallery just posted high quality images of the work in the show, and you can even buy prints and paintings through their website. Check it out here: http://www.fillintheblankgallery.com/justin-santora/

Okay, that's it for now. I'm going to go ice my slightly injured shin. That's what I get for going skateboarding on a school night.

06 August 2010

"A Walking Tour of Here" opening August 13th

Well, hey! Check this out:

A Walking Tour of Here - Recent Screenprints and Paintings by Justin Santora
Fillintheblank Gallery 5038 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL
August 13-Sept 4, 2010. Opening reception Friday, August 13th. 7-11 PM

I signed four stacks of prints last night and have more or less put the finishing the touches on the last couple of paintings today. I'm off to be a groomsman in my good friends, Logan and Vija's wedding.

Monday evening, we start the installation at the gallery.

05 August 2010

Thirsty Pixels

Today, I heard the sad but inspiring story of Emily Henochowicz. Emily is a Jewish art student from the US who has Israeli citizenship. She was studying in Israel where she became involved in the movement for solidarity with (and justice for) Palestine. In one of the Israeli army's trademark uses of indiscriminate and unnecessary force, Emily lost her left eye when she was hit with a teargas canister*. Her outlook on life, art, justice, and the world is positive and absolutely worth sharing. Plus her drawings are just plain rad. Check out Thirsty Pixels, Emily's blog.


International Solidarity Movement (ISM)

* Incidentally, she had been attending a demonstration in response to the IDF boarding international aid ships bound for Gaza, killing 9 civilians.