31 January 2011

But Two More Will Take Its Place

But Two More Will Take Its Place
5 screens on Wausau cover
18x24", edition of 50, signed.

I just finished printing these yesterday afternoon. Some of my fondest memories from childhood involve me building ramps in the garage and driveway at my parents' house. From the fall of 1996 through high school, countless homemade boxes, rails, and small ramps were built from whatever materials I would find in the shed or around town in dumpsters at construction sites. I remember dragging huge sheets of plywood across town with my friend Mike to build a quarterpipe in front of the house. When I got tired of one, it would be disassembled and remade into something new. I've never actually owned or built a backyard miniramp, though. I've been thinking about the experience of the backyard ramp lately and have wanted to do a print of one since my roommate and I went to skate a friend's ramp in Indiana just before it got all snowy and freezing here in the Midwest.
These will be for sale on my site tomorrow. I documented my process and posted a new thread over at gigposters.com. Check it out here.

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