27 November 2010

Words and Smiles

Greetings! I feel like I've kind of been missing in action, lately. I'm still here, doing quite a bit of drawing and printing, just not very much updating. I've also had a chance to dig into some piles of older work and put a whole slough of originals and test prints up in the gigposters.com classified section.

This Monday (November 29th), I will be putting a new mystery tube up for sale on my website. As always, I have lots of art prints and gigposters to include. I also found a bunch of imperfect/misprinted pieces from sold out editions, as well as five or six unreleased variants, all of which will be included in this batch of tubes. I will also be doing remarques or including original sketches with each order.

I will also be posting details for the 2011 print subscription this week. Check back here or on my site.

Lastly, I will have some work in a couple of shows coming up. I am participating in Art of Musical Maintenance 7 at the Goodfoot Gallery, which opens December 9th. Many of the posters in this show will be available on the gallery's website, including a few otherwise sold out posters of mine.
I will also be part of a joint show with Mark Brabant and Punchgut
, which will open in Philadelphia in January. More information on that will be posted very soon!

12 November 2010

Actually, John, We're Not Here to Plan a High Society Jewel Heist

I was recently commissioned to produce an art print about Howard Hughes. Depicted here is the H-1 Racer in what I imagined would be the final stages of construction. The initial sketch was drawn while I was on an airplane, incidentally. The final drawing was completed at my light table with lots of reference photos of the Hughes H-1 Racer. On one of the films, I have a shadow cast by the plane. The original drawing and subsequent films were all drawn from a variety of reference images. I was unable to find any photographs of this plane in this particular position with a shadow being cast towards the viewer to the right like this. I had to envision what the shadow might look like, and I drew it in onto a blank film. I know I'm not dead on here, but I think the shadow adds quite a bit to the image.

9 screens on Rolland cover
18x24", edition of 60

After signing these, I had to pack them up and drive to the post office where they began their journey to the United Kingdom.
Next up is a new art print and a gigposter amidst a bunch of illustration work.

09 November 2010

Some left over Black Keys posters

Hello, all!
Due to a slight mix up, there are a few copies of a poster I did for The Black Keys (9/27/10 at the Hollywood Palladium) available through the band on their website.

Regarding Expeditions For Momentum, the gallery currently does not take international orders. All remaining screen prints from the show will be available on my site in December for both domestic and international ordering. If any buyers from outside the US are interested in one of the remaining ink drawings or paintings (EDIT: All drawings and paintings have now sold), please contact me.

There are some new art prints in the works, as well as a new poster or two. I'm pretty excited about some of the ideas I've got kicking around.
I will also be working on getting a more cohesive "store" feature on my site by early next year. Any ideas and feedback regarding this matter would be awesome. If anyone has any recommendations for software or programs to create a coded webstore that can be integrated into a website, even better.
Lastly, in another week or so, I will announce details for the 2011 print subscription, which will be expanded to include a few more spots.

Okay, back to work!

07 November 2010

Expeditions For Momentum goes live!

The My Addiction Gallery webstore is now open, and the remaining work from Expeditions For Momentum is now available for purchase online.
Check it out.

01 November 2010

Cut into the earth

I was doing some long overdue cleaning of my workspace today, and I stumbled upon this interesting little composition in the tray on my light table. Small scraps of rubylith, paper, tape, and shavings of ink and acetate (from working subtractively on my films) sometimes accumulate in the tray. When I get really busy, the scraps can really begin to pile up.
Last week, I finished the last of the work for Expeditions For Momentum (the show opens this Friday at My Addiction Gallery), and spent an entire afternoon packing and shipping all the prints, drawings, and paintings. I immediately got to work printing a new poster for Lincoln Hall in Chicago. I subsequently ended up taking a full two-day weekend (my first in months).
Expeditions For Momentum opens Friday, November 6th at My Addiction Gallery in Tucson, AZ. For those in the Tucson area, there will be a reception from 6-10PM. All work in the show will be available for purchase through the My Addiction Gallery website on November 7th, at 12 PM EST.

Speaking of Arizona, remember SB 1070? Well, it turns out the controversial Arizona immigration law was heavily supported by, lobbied for, and drafted in conjunction with the private prison sector; proving that despite all the (disingenuous) rhetoric about "safe neighborhoods," the bill was about opportunism and profiteering at the expense of migrant families.
Check it: Prison Economics Help Drive Arizona Immigration Law