27 May 2010

The Curry is but a Metaphor

To the left is the Gummi House in Moncton, New Brunswick. We played our second Martimes show here with a bunch of great local bands who cooked veggie burgers and veggie dogs for us, as well as let us sleep on their couches. This was the only house show on the tour, so we made it count. It was one of our tightest performances so far. We also played in our underwear due to the intense heat accumulating in the house (and because it was funny).
This drawing was my little gift to our new friends in Moncton for having us play, letting me use their shower, and giving us couches to sleep on.
The next day, we ate at an excellent vegetarian restaurant and swam in the Atlantic Ocean before heading to the next show. It was really cold, but seeing a bunch of jellyfish, sand dollars, and hermit crabs was totally worth it.
The show in Halifax was more or less canceled, but I got to skate at a pretty rad spot and managed to buy a couple of Superchunk CDs from a used record store.
Yesterday, we were off and managed to make the drive from Halifax to Quebec City (which is no small feat in an Econoline full of four tired guys and a good thousand pounds of equipment). We made a few detours; stopping to see and feed some cows in New Brunswick, another quick swimming stop, and eating sandwiches at a Quizno's at which the employees traded us a sandwich for a CD and then (hilariously) requested autographs, even though they had never heard the band.
Tonight, we're in Quebec City. Two more shows to go after tonight, and then I'll be playing one last Montreal show with these guys. Then I've got to get back to Illinois and back to work. I can't wait!

19 May 2010


Upon arrival in downtown Ottawa, before we could even put the van into park, we were given a handwritten note from a man claiming they were "words for the future." It reads:
Iron man
at Salvation army shelters, they trying to kill him, he need civil support

The band we're on tour with received a similar and equally cryptic message:

Iron man at Salvation army ready to be kill, it is hepocracy

Just thought I'd help spread the word. You know, for the future.

18 May 2010

Never trust a man what's made of gas

We are in Peterborough, Ontario tonight. We just played at a small venue that has put us up for the night in a room on the above floor. The room is fitted with several beds, comfortable couches, and (awesomely) an original Nintendo. I think we have experienced more hospitality in the past two days than any of us expected. We spent the afternoon checking out the town, playing Super Mario 3, and eating a bunch food we bought at a nearby grocery store.

At yesterday's show, we managed to get a bunch of people to hula hoop for an entire song (the venue had a bunch of hula hoops for some reason). Tonight, we performed a twenty-second song that my friend Franck wrote using words from the window of a payday and loan place two doors from the venue. He insisted on playing it between songs tonight. Awesome.

16 May 2010

Sailboats, hummus, and forty-five dollar bills

Today is technically day three of the tour, although we didn't officially leave Montreal until yesterday (which was technically day two) due to some van troubles. We played last night in Toronto, and today's show was in Hamilton, ON. Today was one of those shows where everything that could have gone right did. The promoter actually prepared a ton of delicious vegan food for our band (since three out of four of us "swing that way," so to speak), including banana bread, sandwiches, and bean salad. Hamilton is a beautiful town, and we played with a ton of great bands.
Tonight, we're staying with some friends outside of Toronto, and we're off to Peterborough, ON tomorrow. I've taken to making a sketch/drawing for each city we play. I'll post a few of those when I can.
I'm still looking forward to getting back to work. The funny thing is that about eight years ago, I wanted nothing more than to be touring full time. This is a nice change of pace, but my place is at the light table cutting films and in my studio.

13 May 2010


Greetings from Montreal! I'm back in Montreal for a few days, staying with my friend, Phil. Before I moved back to Illinois at the end of last year, I promised my friends that I would fill in for their drummer on their spring tour through part of Canada. Well, that time has come, so once again, I made the drive from Illinois to downtown Montreal. We went over a bunch of songs last night, and we're playing the first show tomorrow night. This trip will take us to various cities in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. I'm especially excited about heading out east, as I've never been to the Maritime provinces.
Of course, I've only been out of town for two days, and I am already itching to get back to work when I get home at the end of the month. I have lots of new stuff to work on in preparation for Flatstock 26 in Chicago, as well as an exhibition in August at {fillintheblank} Gallery.

Stay tuned for updates from the road!