24 May 2011

Plaid to the Bone

Here's something I've been wanting to try for about two years. For some reason, I either kept forgetting to try it or would put it off. I finally gave screen printing a plaid pattern a try on a new tour poster for Iron and Wine. I finished printing these the day before I left for a week vacation (that and packed/shipped two dozen mailing tubes).
Above you can see the film for the second color in progress. I spent quite a bit of time with a T-square, triangle, an X-Acto, and sheets of rubylith. Of course, I was finding bits of peeled rubylith stuck to my forearms all week, too.

20 May 2011

Wagon Wheel

On the coast of North Carolina, less than half a mile from the house we stayed in is a huge pier. You can see people fishing from the pier every day, and the local brown pelicans (like this handsome fellow) sometimes hang out to eat bait fish or wait to be fed the tiny fish that some people catch. Other wildlife cameos this week included appearances by laughing gulls, boat-tailed grackles, sanderlings, a stingray, and some dolphins.
It's been a rather relaxing week here on the coast. We swam in the ocean and got tossed around by big waves. We talked, played guitars, and laughed a whole lot. I did some concept sketches for paintings. We watched our good friend get married on the beach right behind the house we rented for the week.
The last time I was on the coast in North Carolina was when I was nineteen and on tour with my old band. Many of the people I spent this week with were connected to that band or that tour in some way. I remember staying with friends in Wilmington one night on that trip and wondering what it might be like to relocate to this area someday. My mind has begun wandering in similar directions the past couple of days, but I know that Chicago is still and will always be home to me.

Speaking of Chicago, if you're in the area, you should know that my friends in Sonnenzimmer have an exhibition of collaborative paintings with comic artist, Anders Nilsen. Being in North Carolina at the moment, I am missing the opening reception like a total wiener. Check it out, though. I'm definitely getting up there one day this week to have a look at the awesomeness.

18 May 2011

Salt water, habanero peppers, pelicans, and out of tune guitars

Greetings from North Carolina! I've been on vacation since Saturday and have been spending the week on the coast here in Wilmington, NC with about a dozen good friends. The house we're staying in has internet access, so I've been able to answer emails and tend to a few other work-related things. If you placed an order for a print (or prints) last week, it was shipped before I left.

In other news, my friends at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative are having their fourth annual $20 Cash 'N Carry Print and Poster Sale, which will feature tons of great prints from local printmakers, all for twenty dollars or less. No joke. It's opening this Saturday, May 21st (12-7PM) at CPC. More info here.

Also, Mike King and I will be the two featured artists at Peoples Art of Portland's Spring Show. The show opens May 21st at Peoples Art of Portland (Pioneer Place Mall, 700 SW 5th Ave 3rd Floor, Suite 4005) in Portland, OR. I will have a whole mess of art prints and posters on display, along with some original ink drawings.

I've got tons more stuff in store for the rest of the year, so I've got to hit the ground running the second I get back to Chicago. I'll be keeping you fine folks posted (nearly) every step of the way right here, so I hope you'll stay tuned.

08 May 2011

Exactly as advertised

When you're a small child, anything outside the scope of your tiny world can be pretty scary. In time, life becomes full of reasons to be paralyzed with fear, especially for an eleven-year-old who is afraid to go to school because of his anxiety disorder. Or a fourteen-year-old who has just broken his ankle skateboarding. Or a high school student without an idea what to do with the rest of his life. Or a nineteen-year-old whose father is having brain surgery. Or a young adult who realizes that the world is run by psychotic businessmen and murderers.
No matter how scary the world got, it's been easier with a mother to talk to. I'm grateful to have had my mom there for all the uncertainty and weirdness. Happy Mother's Day, moms.

And another thing!

Poster Cabaret's Bicycle Print Show opened on May 5th in Austin, TX. To the left is my contribution, a five color screen print entitled, "Riding Into the Wind Without Looking Back." Pictures from the show have been posted here. There are many outstanding artists in this show, and I'm really happy to be participating. You can check out the prints in the show (and buy them) at Poster Cabaret.

I've been experimenting lately with multiple keyline films, which often means drawing certain components of a composition on separate sheets of paper. The aim is usually to achieve a sense of depth that would sometimes be missing when I printed one homogeneous line drawing on top of layered colors. For that reason, I used four keyline films in my print for Gallery 1988's Required Reading show. This print to the left has two; a dark gray for the houses and fence, while the cyclist and tall grass are printed in black. The shadow under the cyclist was also printed on the same screen as the lighter keyline. The idea was to create atmospheric perspective by varying the darkness of the ink with which each layer is printed. I think this is a bit more apparent in a closeup photo, which you can see by clicking here.

Anyhow, go have a look at the prints currently up in Poster Cabaret's Bicycle Print Show.
Lots more stuff on the way! I'll be posting some new posters, sketches, and process photos this week, too, so I hope you'll check back soon.

07 May 2011

Dance of days

Hi, all. I've had quite a bit going on lately, including shipping a bunch of posters, art prints, and original ink drawings out to Portland for this upcoming show:

Just a quick update/announcement for now. Also, for those of you attending Pitchfork Music Festival this year, make sure you stop by Flatstock 3o and say hi to me and my friends.
Check back soon, as I do have a bunch of process photos from some recent work that I have been meaning to post, as well as some other fun stuff. True story.