15 February 2010

Where some people might know your name

Happy Monday, all. I hope you're doing well. I just finished packing up some mailing tubes and am now enjoying a rootbeer and an episode of Cheers. I'm also shipping a stack of prints to Gallery 1988 for a sports themed poster show. Check it:I'm excited to be showing work alongside many talented and personally admired artists in the poster art world. I chose to depict "Calvinball," which of course is the fictitious sport invented by the characters in Calvin and Hobbes. Which of course is the greatest comic strip ever published.

New art prints and posters on the way, including one for the excellent Appleseed Cast. I'm entertaining the idea of doing a run of giclee prints from a water color/ink drawing or two. I'm curious as to whether or not there would be any interest in something like that. Feel free to let me know.