02 December 2010

2011 Print Subscription is now open

2011 Print Subscription
For the 2011 print subscription, subscribers will receive one of each print I produce for the entire year, which includes all art prints and gig posters. Subscribers will receive matching edition numbers, there will also be a small closed edition for subscribers only, and each subscriber will receive an original drawing and one of a kind test print.

Between art prints and gig posters, I have produced around 40 printed editions this year, with at least four new art prints on the way.
For 2011, I intend to produce a similar amount of work (an estimated 40-50 prints); and I hope to keep honing my skills, working with new bands, and constantly be dreaming up new ideas of art prints.

US & Canada, $450
International, $510
Please note that the difference in price is only to help cover the costs for overseas shipping. Payment can be made through Paypal or with a check/money order. Payment plans/flexibility is available, as well. Please contact me to reserve a spot or if you have any questions: justinsantora [at] gmail.com

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