13 December 2010

Soy nog should not be this hard to find.

Lately, I've done a few art prints that have a much more "panoramic landscape" sort of composition. They can be quite fun. A portion of a relatively new print is depicted to the right. The original art for the two houses in this print were actually shrunk on a photocopier (rather than enlarged). A friend told me that this can make detailed drawing look tighter, and I was happy to try it out on this one. It's an especially nice technique to employ when drawing things like houses or other detailed structures that can be hard to render at a small scale (for me, at least).

In the wake of Art of Musical Maintenance 7, there are a few otherwise unavailable posters of mine now for sale at the Goodfoot website.
Click on an artist's name and see what's available! They've got the remaining copies of my Foals, Dinosaur Jr., Black Keys, and Flaming Tsunamis posters. And a couple of the those Appleseed Cast variants. Not bad, eh?
Also, stay tuned for a new and improved justinsantora.com! My pal Jaline is helping me out, and it should be up and running very soon. The new site will have a much more cohesive store along with some new (and old) items for sale, including prints from the recent Expeditions For Momentum show.

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