23 December 2010

Blowing off the street like a leaf

I'm sitting at the kitchen table, hanging out with my roommate's dogs while I make this post. Sorry for the sporadic updates here. I've been really busy getting a bunch of illustrations finished (including the one to the left, which will be one of two pieces from me for Save The Clocktower's upcoming album), as well as trying to get my new site finally up and running.

Speaking of the new website, it is now up (same URL and everything) as of this morning. It looks pretty much just like the old site, but some adjustments have been made, which should make the whole thing easier to navigate. And what's this? Why, it's a brand new webstore! Check out the new site: www.justinsantora.com

Lastly, there are still a small number of spots in the 2011 subscription, but it's filling up. Get in touch with me if you're interested in reserving a spot. Maybe you are interested but would like to know more about it. If only there was some sort of web-based conglomerate of text and images that neatly outline just what the 2011 print subscription would entail (along with slick navigation and a brand new webstore) that you could visit. Oh, wait. There is! Right here.

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