27 November 2010

Words and Smiles

Greetings! I feel like I've kind of been missing in action, lately. I'm still here, doing quite a bit of drawing and printing, just not very much updating. I've also had a chance to dig into some piles of older work and put a whole slough of originals and test prints up in the gigposters.com classified section.

This Monday (November 29th), I will be putting a new mystery tube up for sale on my website. As always, I have lots of art prints and gigposters to include. I also found a bunch of imperfect/misprinted pieces from sold out editions, as well as five or six unreleased variants, all of which will be included in this batch of tubes. I will also be doing remarques or including original sketches with each order.

I will also be posting details for the 2011 print subscription this week. Check back here or on my site.

Lastly, I will have some work in a couple of shows coming up. I am participating in Art of Musical Maintenance 7 at the Goodfoot Gallery, which opens December 9th. Many of the posters in this show will be available on the gallery's website, including a few otherwise sold out posters of mine.
I will also be part of a joint show with Mark Brabant and Punchgut
, which will open in Philadelphia in January. More information on that will be posted very soon!

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