01 November 2010

Cut into the earth

I was doing some long overdue cleaning of my workspace today, and I stumbled upon this interesting little composition in the tray on my light table. Small scraps of rubylith, paper, tape, and shavings of ink and acetate (from working subtractively on my films) sometimes accumulate in the tray. When I get really busy, the scraps can really begin to pile up.
Last week, I finished the last of the work for Expeditions For Momentum (the show opens this Friday at My Addiction Gallery), and spent an entire afternoon packing and shipping all the prints, drawings, and paintings. I immediately got to work printing a new poster for Lincoln Hall in Chicago. I subsequently ended up taking a full two-day weekend (my first in months).
Expeditions For Momentum opens Friday, November 6th at My Addiction Gallery in Tucson, AZ. For those in the Tucson area, there will be a reception from 6-10PM. All work in the show will be available for purchase through the My Addiction Gallery website on November 7th, at 12 PM EST.

Speaking of Arizona, remember SB 1070? Well, it turns out the controversial Arizona immigration law was heavily supported by, lobbied for, and drafted in conjunction with the private prison sector; proving that despite all the (disingenuous) rhetoric about "safe neighborhoods," the bill was about opportunism and profiteering at the expense of migrant families.
Check it: Prison Economics Help Drive Arizona Immigration Law

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