09 November 2010

Some left over Black Keys posters

Hello, all!
Due to a slight mix up, there are a few copies of a poster I did for The Black Keys (9/27/10 at the Hollywood Palladium) available through the band on their website.

Regarding Expeditions For Momentum, the gallery currently does not take international orders. All remaining screen prints from the show will be available on my site in December for both domestic and international ordering. If any buyers from outside the US are interested in one of the remaining ink drawings or paintings (EDIT: All drawings and paintings have now sold), please contact me.

There are some new art prints in the works, as well as a new poster or two. I'm pretty excited about some of the ideas I've got kicking around.
I will also be working on getting a more cohesive "store" feature on my site by early next year. Any ideas and feedback regarding this matter would be awesome. If anyone has any recommendations for software or programs to create a coded webstore that can be integrated into a website, even better.
Lastly, in another week or so, I will announce details for the 2011 print subscription, which will be expanded to include a few more spots.

Okay, back to work!

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dwlfennell said...

I guess I need to start saving up for the next sub. The fact that I just picked up "As It Turns Out, You Weren't Home" doesn't help. Definitely excited to see it in person.