12 November 2010

Actually, John, We're Not Here to Plan a High Society Jewel Heist

I was recently commissioned to produce an art print about Howard Hughes. Depicted here is the H-1 Racer in what I imagined would be the final stages of construction. The initial sketch was drawn while I was on an airplane, incidentally. The final drawing was completed at my light table with lots of reference photos of the Hughes H-1 Racer. On one of the films, I have a shadow cast by the plane. The original drawing and subsequent films were all drawn from a variety of reference images. I was unable to find any photographs of this plane in this particular position with a shadow being cast towards the viewer to the right like this. I had to envision what the shadow might look like, and I drew it in onto a blank film. I know I'm not dead on here, but I think the shadow adds quite a bit to the image.

9 screens on Rolland cover
18x24", edition of 60

After signing these, I had to pack them up and drive to the post office where they began their journey to the United Kingdom.
Next up is a new art print and a gigposter amidst a bunch of illustration work.

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Phil said...

I hadn't seen this one before. It's incredible man!