13 May 2010


Greetings from Montreal! I'm back in Montreal for a few days, staying with my friend, Phil. Before I moved back to Illinois at the end of last year, I promised my friends that I would fill in for their drummer on their spring tour through part of Canada. Well, that time has come, so once again, I made the drive from Illinois to downtown Montreal. We went over a bunch of songs last night, and we're playing the first show tomorrow night. This trip will take us to various cities in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. I'm especially excited about heading out east, as I've never been to the Maritime provinces.
Of course, I've only been out of town for two days, and I am already itching to get back to work when I get home at the end of the month. I have lots of new stuff to work on in preparation for Flatstock 26 in Chicago, as well as an exhibition in August at {fillintheblank} Gallery.

Stay tuned for updates from the road!