18 May 2010

Never trust a man what's made of gas

We are in Peterborough, Ontario tonight. We just played at a small venue that has put us up for the night in a room on the above floor. The room is fitted with several beds, comfortable couches, and (awesomely) an original Nintendo. I think we have experienced more hospitality in the past two days than any of us expected. We spent the afternoon checking out the town, playing Super Mario 3, and eating a bunch food we bought at a nearby grocery store.

At yesterday's show, we managed to get a bunch of people to hula hoop for an entire song (the venue had a bunch of hula hoops for some reason). Tonight, we performed a twenty-second song that my friend Franck wrote using words from the window of a payday and loan place two doors from the venue. He insisted on playing it between songs tonight. Awesome.

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