16 May 2010

Sailboats, hummus, and forty-five dollar bills

Today is technically day three of the tour, although we didn't officially leave Montreal until yesterday (which was technically day two) due to some van troubles. We played last night in Toronto, and today's show was in Hamilton, ON. Today was one of those shows where everything that could have gone right did. The promoter actually prepared a ton of delicious vegan food for our band (since three out of four of us "swing that way," so to speak), including banana bread, sandwiches, and bean salad. Hamilton is a beautiful town, and we played with a ton of great bands.
Tonight, we're staying with some friends outside of Toronto, and we're off to Peterborough, ON tomorrow. I've taken to making a sketch/drawing for each city we play. I'll post a few of those when I can.
I'm still looking forward to getting back to work. The funny thing is that about eight years ago, I wanted nothing more than to be touring full time. This is a nice change of pace, but my place is at the light table cutting films and in my studio.

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