11 July 2011

There's ink and cat hair on everything I own.

Above is some ink I was mixing for the first color of a Delta Spirit poster. It was a big old split fountain for a night sky. I put the last color down last night. I'll post a picture of the finished print when I get to the studio and can find some decent light to snap a photo. This lovely midwestern summer storm will make finding ideal lighting a bit difficult, however. Like anyone in this part of the country, I've grown up with aggressive, seemingly spontaneous summer storms. I remember being a kid and having to flee with my mom and brother to a family friend's house when the sky turned green because our home didn't have a basement. We were too young to really be scared, and it was kind of an adventure to wait it out in the laundry room while the sky attacked our fortress. I can recall riding my bike through the neighborhood the morning after such storms and having to navigate through all the fallen branches and puddles (though I often got a charge out of riding straight through those puddles as fast as I could, but I digress).
I was commissioned to do posters for a series of Lollapalooza aftershows at Chicago's Lincoln Hall and Schubas, so I've been working on seven or eight things at once for the past month and a half. I have two posters in the series left to print this week, and I'm going to do my best to do a Flatstock poster or a new art print in time for Flatstock 30 this weekend. Oh, and I need to make some business cards. So much to do!

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