22 July 2011

"It's Always Clouds and Houses with You."

Hello again. I'm drying off after a walk from the train to the studio in a shoe-soaking downpour. I'm about to get to work on some new paintings and drawings today, but I thought I'd post a little update here while I wait for some previously rolled Somerset paper to flatten out.

Flatstock 30 was over as quickly as it came, excessive heat and all. I got to meet Johanna Goldstein and Scout Shannon who are working on this documentary about gig posters. They've been following my friends, Kevin Tong and Daniel Danger around quite a bit lately, and they talked to and filmed a whole lot of us at Flatstock. This includes footage of me and Daniel talking to each other about art in our best roughneck voices (whether or not it's used in the film is anyone's guess). Also, there may or may not be synchronized swimming. Johanna and Scout are awesome folks, and you should expect this documentary to be really, really great. Check out the trailer here.

To the left is a poster I printed during a massive storm (ha, that wasn't even intentional) of poster jobs. I drew and printed seven gig posters in about five weeks, finishing them just in time to make some new business cards and prep for Flatstock 30. Today, I'm sitting down with the ink drawing from this Vaccines poster at my light table and doing a painted version of this composition.
In other news, I hear the rain has stopped, and I'm thinking about having panang curry with tofu for lunch.

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