07 September 2010

Notes from gate N2

I am at Sea-Tac Airport waiting for my flight to Chicago to board. Flatstock 27 has come and gone, but it was an excellent experience. Highlights for me included going out to eat at 50's style diner with Kevin Tong and Daniel Danger, searching Bumbershoot with Kevin Tong for delicious vegan food, kicking myself for not bringing my skateboard but still getting to ride an awesome park with Ben from Diesel Fuel Prints (who shared his board with me for our two-man session), making plans to come back and do even more skating next year, anonymous rubber band wars between fellow Flatstock vendors, and meeting lots of great people, and seeing the familiar faces of equally great people.
I also bought a collection of short stories by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie entitled, The Thing Around Your Neck. I have already started reading it. It may be difficult to complete the sketches I am supposed to be doing on my flight home.

Fall mystery tubes and other new stuff available here.

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