27 September 2010

"...he sang the song that ended the earth."

Hello from Dresden! I am staying in an apartment here as we prepare for Colored Gigs 2, a rock poster show that will take place this week. We (Guy, Gina, and I) rode here with the Douze crew last night after the traditional post-Flatstock Europe boat ride. Much fun was had on the boat despite the rain and cold. Boy Division regaled us with some of the most punk rock covers of an expansive and eclectic selection of music (complete with a stack of broken cymbals, matching sailor suits, megaphone vocals, and the occasional keytar lead). They must be the only band in the history of music to do a medley of "The Final Countdown" and the Cure's "Killing an Arab."
Flatstock Europe 5 was an excellent experience, as was the show at Feinkunst-Kruger Gallery. I made some new friends, and I saw many of the awesome people I met last year, particularly Luke and Graham, who kept me laughing for a good portion of Flatstock. I brought my skateboard this year, so I got to skate Flora, an entirely DIY concrete park built behind an abandoned theater. It was certainly one of the most challenging parks I've ever ridden, but it's not impossible. I've been told the locals can rip the place apart, but I never got to see them. In any case, it's one of the most ambitious and impressive DIY undertakings I currently know of. I also met a nice gentleman from the north of Germany, who took me to another bowl, "The Granny Pool." It is a traditional swimming pool style bowl constructed directly behind an old folks home (hence the name).

Okay, more updates are on the way (since I now have regular internet access), so stay tuned. Lots of excitement!

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