03 September 2010

My Coffee With Niles

Greetings from Seattle! I arrived last night, hungry and tired. I took the Light Rail, which is Seattle's (partially) elevated train system, into the city from the airport. I met up with a friend, checked into my room, and wandered the streets for a bit. In a stroke of luck, I walked past a hotdog vendor whose stand had a pleasant vegan surprise: tofu dogs!

With my concerns about finding something to eat at midnight in Seattle put to rest under a bed of onions, Dijon, peppers, and Sriracha sauce; I hung out for a bit with my old friend, Dan. Dan is an archeologist who moved to Seattle three or four years ago. We grew up in the same town. He told me about Seattle, we had a beer, and caught part of a small jazz/blues quintet's set.

Today, I'm enjoying some tea and orange slices and trying to figure out what to do with myself for the afternoon. Flatstock does not begin until tomorrow, so I'm going to do some exploring and see what other awesome (animal-friendly) food this city is hiding!

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