14 September 2009

The TV's broke. That's a good thing.

To the right is part of a film that I'm working on at the moment. It will be the third piece in a current narrative series. It's two 11x17 transparencies cut and spliced together (note the litho tape going through the head of the figure). I've still got some touching up to do and adjustments to make. As anxious as I am to finish cutting films and start printing this, I don't think I will get around to it before I leave for the Netherlands. This print will have my undivided attention upon my return, however! I plan on doing a lot of layering and transparent colors for this one. It's going to be at least six screens.

In other news, fellow Illinoisian, Dan Grzeca and I will have some screen printed art and posters on display (and for sale) at the Quennect4 Gallery in Chicago as part of a benefit for the Cause & Affect Foundation. Check it out.

Multimedia Benefit for the Cause and Affect Foundation
Quennect4 Gallery, 2716 W. North Ave & California, Chicago, IL
September 26th, 2009. 8PM-2AM
Live music by Black Umbrella Brigade, Isis Rose, Alltruism, Noble Savage, and Spacesuit. Live art, DJs, and screenprinted art and posters by Dan Grzeca and Justin Santora. $10 minimum donation. All proceeds will benefit the Cause and Affect Foundation.



Logan said...

Are you going to be home somewhat soon? V told me you were in Deutschland. Anyways, way to be prolific - I especially like this print (I saw it on gigposters). Grad school is kicking my ass but the building I'm in is sweeeeeeet. I have access to huge printers, laser cutters, and wood shop... you need to come play in my artists heaven.

Logan said...

Nope nope, I'm an idiot. I meant the Flatstock Europe 4 poster that's on justinsantora.com... ugh, back to model building.

Justin Santora said...

Haha, thanks Logan! I will be back in Illinois for most of December. I must see these facilities of which you speak. And we'll probably make a bunch of Mexican food and watch Planet Earth DVDs.