01 September 2009

New art print

I'm Going to Tell God How You Treat Us
7 screens on ivory cover, 18x24"
Edition of 40, signed & numbered

I recently came up with an idea to do a print of businessmen chasing lightning bugs. I thought the concept was kind of funny, as we outgrow (either naturally or through social shaping) this pleasure by the time we're adults.
As children, we were so fascinated by these unique, luminescent creatures that our first instinct was to own them -- to capture and collect them in old pickle jars. I remember poking holes in the lids of jars and even adding small branches to their artificial environment. But despite our best efforts to domesticate them, they seldom made it to the following morning.
I see a parallel in the way many facets of the industrialized world set out to conquer and tame nature while we inescapably remain a part of it.
In short, I am critical of the business world for its practice of possessing and commodifying things it ought not to, but I'm sympathizing with those who have been groomed to view the world in such a way.

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