19 September 2009

Notes from Willem II Straat

Greetings from Tilburg. Today was my second day in the Netherlands. Tilburg is a pretty quiet town in a southern part of the country. I've been learning all sorts of interesting things about the different parts of Holland. I already know four words in Dutch (one of them is the word for "squirrel"). One thing that's really great about poster events like this is having the opportunity to talk to other artists about their work and their process, as well as about the different places they come from. The poster scene is very different in Holland than it is in US. There are many talented poster artists here, but there does not seem to be a fully developed poster culture. My friend, Mara (who organized Z-Stock) is working hard to bring that enthusiasm we enjoy in North America to different parts of Europe. I will be in Groningen before heading to Hamburg, and I will have an opportunity to check out Vera, a music venue that has an in house print shop to produce all the posters for its shows. This place has produced many beautiful posters. Check it out: http://www.vera-groningen.nl/posters/
I've been eating delicious sandwiches and cupcakes from my new friends at 50 Food Combo, a small vegan food and catering company from Germany. They have a booth fifteen feet from mine. Needless to say, I've been a frequent visitor.
Okay, I'm going to head back to my hosts' house. I've been stealing the internet from a small cafe in town, and strangers keep talking to me in Dutch. And unless they're talking about squirrels or mentioning names of cities that I recognize, I can only smile and nod.

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