03 December 2011

Winter jackets, squash soup, inverted flags, and rescued kittens

I cannot believe it's December already. With only four weeks to go in 2011, there's still plenty to work on. To the right are films for my contribution to the upcoming issue of TEN x TEN, a collaborative effort between various Chicago print artists and musicians organized through Spudnik Press. My contribution is a print based on a new song by Tomorrow Kings. Each print in the set will be ten inches by inches (hence the name), and printers are typically printing two at once and cutting them down to size after printing. Since none of my films are printed from a computer, I had to keep my seps pretty simple as to be able to cut the same color twice. I xeroxed the ink drawing twice and ran the two copies through a blueprint printer to make the keyplate. I was able to use little reference points in the keyplate to make sure the two are consistent with each other.
These prints will eventually be available through Spudnik Press as part of the complete TEN x TEN set. There will also be a special A/P edition for my print subscription.

Devil Town opened last night at Gallery 1988 in LA. The work can be viewed (and purchased) here. There are some truly amazing pieces in this show, and I'm really stoked to be a part of it. I unfortunately missed the opening last night, as I stayed back in Chicago to attend a couple of local art events, including a group print exhibition that I had prints in at Black Cloud Gallery. I opted to get to this opening (along with Crosshair's show at Saki Records) on my bike, which by the end of the day, put my accumulated riding distance at almost twenty-five miles (this is including my commute to and from the studio earlier, as well as a short grocery run and a detour up to the North Side to see some friends). This would explain why I was so hungry when I finally got home.

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