17 December 2011

Snow, candles, oatmeal, sweaters, old films, and one-eyed rats

Yesterday, I rode my bike in below freezing weather, drew buildings for hours, went to a party where I hung out with some rad people who fed me cake, and met some adorable rodents.
Today, I'm eating grapes and hanging out with the cat as I wait for my friend Femi to come by so we can bundle up and go skateboarding under a bridge in Logan Square. I've known Femi since we were teenagers, and now he's a lawyer. When he started law school a few years ago, we used to joke about how he'd be a practicing attorney who still rides a skateboard. Adulthood is pretty much going better than I could have expected.

I've been contacted by a few people regarding a Secret Santa print exchange going on at expresso beans. To the right is a quick little drawing I did this week as a gift for someone from a subscriber of mine. I was asked to include something that is pertinent to Australia in some way, so I chose to try my hand at drawing a eucalyptus tree. They're pretty fun to draw, and I got to use my new brush pen for the branches. I still struggle with drawing
trees, but it's getting a little easier. The house in this drawing is loosely based on a little structure right across the street from our apartment. I added the porch (front stairs going to nowhere seemed kind of silly).
One last little thing: before I finally announce details for the 2012 print subscription, feel free to contact me early to reserve a spot (or with any questions). Spots will officially be open next week.