08 December 2011

Chips, salsa, hair dye, christmas trees, and sleepy cats

Over the weekend, I finished printing my edition of prints for the TEN x TEN project. It's an edition of 200, all of which will be going to the TEN x TEN print sets. Subscribers from this year will be receiving prints from a hand-embellished A/P edition (pictured to the left).
It's a quiet evening here in Chicago. My girlfriend is hard at work on a final paper for grad school, and I'm eating chips and salsa and trying to come up with ideas for an upcoming series of posters.
This has been a pretty mellow week, as I've mostly just been working on a commissioned painting. The last half of this month should prove to be rather busy, so it's nice to take it relatively easy for a week. It feels great to work on a painting again, and I'm definitely hoping to do some more in the coming year.
It always seems like the last couple weeks of December are full of reflection and anticipation. Not that a numerical change to our calendars really affects much in our day to day lives, but for artists, it's kind of nice to use the new year as the start of a new body of work. 2011 has been an eventful year for me. I moved apartments three times, spent almost a month in Europe, discovered plantain enchiladas, learned how to use an auto press, and at one point I was drawing and printing so much that I was unable to coat screens without feeling a sharp pain in my wrist. The year's not over, though! I'm already looking forward to 2012.

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Best body of work yet!