18 May 2011

Salt water, habanero peppers, pelicans, and out of tune guitars

Greetings from North Carolina! I've been on vacation since Saturday and have been spending the week on the coast here in Wilmington, NC with about a dozen good friends. The house we're staying in has internet access, so I've been able to answer emails and tend to a few other work-related things. If you placed an order for a print (or prints) last week, it was shipped before I left.

In other news, my friends at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative are having their fourth annual $20 Cash 'N Carry Print and Poster Sale, which will feature tons of great prints from local printmakers, all for twenty dollars or less. No joke. It's opening this Saturday, May 21st (12-7PM) at CPC. More info here.

Also, Mike King and I will be the two featured artists at Peoples Art of Portland's Spring Show. The show opens May 21st at Peoples Art of Portland (Pioneer Place Mall, 700 SW 5th Ave 3rd Floor, Suite 4005) in Portland, OR. I will have a whole mess of art prints and posters on display, along with some original ink drawings.

I've got tons more stuff in store for the rest of the year, so I've got to hit the ground running the second I get back to Chicago. I'll be keeping you fine folks posted (nearly) every step of the way right here, so I hope you'll stay tuned.

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