08 May 2011

And another thing!

Poster Cabaret's Bicycle Print Show opened on May 5th in Austin, TX. To the left is my contribution, a five color screen print entitled, "Riding Into the Wind Without Looking Back." Pictures from the show have been posted here. There are many outstanding artists in this show, and I'm really happy to be participating. You can check out the prints in the show (and buy them) at Poster Cabaret.

I've been experimenting lately with multiple keyline films, which often means drawing certain components of a composition on separate sheets of paper. The aim is usually to achieve a sense of depth that would sometimes be missing when I printed one homogeneous line drawing on top of layered colors. For that reason, I used four keyline films in my print for Gallery 1988's Required Reading show. This print to the left has two; a dark gray for the houses and fence, while the cyclist and tall grass are printed in black. The shadow under the cyclist was also printed on the same screen as the lighter keyline. The idea was to create atmospheric perspective by varying the darkness of the ink with which each layer is printed. I think this is a bit more apparent in a closeup photo, which you can see by clicking here.

Anyhow, go have a look at the prints currently up in Poster Cabaret's Bicycle Print Show.
Lots more stuff on the way! I'll be posting some new posters, sketches, and process photos this week, too, so I hope you'll check back soon.

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