20 January 2013

Paint, pressing, pedaling, and punctuation!

Here's a little photo of our cat Kit having a supervised visit on the back porch.  The little guy loves going outside, but we have to keep an eye on him, as his adventures through the neighborhood would sometimes have him out for hours at a time.  He'd always make it back home, but his last big outing was a little too close for comfort.  So now we keep him on very controlled visits to the lot behind our apartment building (that, and catnip).  In this case he didn't venture past the steps, which were coated in a layer of very slick ice.
Quite a lot has been going on lately.  I have been putting in some pretty serious hours painting, as well as working on drawings for some brand new art prints, all of which will be in an upcoming two-man exhibition at Gallery 1988 with the excellent JC Richard.  I'm excited about these new pieces, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Mr. Richard makes for the show.  More on all of that very soon!
My band has been working on an album on and off for the past ten months.  All the tracking was finished a few months ago, and we all just approved the final mixes last week.  It's being mastered now.  We're all pretty stoked about it.  More on that soon, too.
It's a cold 17 degrees (Fahrenheit) here in Chicago today.  I'm contemplating layering up, breaking out the hat and gloves, and trying to skate a little bit today.  The streets are dry, after all.  This kind of thing would be best executed with a friend, though, so it's going to depend on other people's availability.

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