31 December 2012

Les Rois Oranges!

I know my posts have been few and far between lately, but I've actually really missed doing posts about what I'm working on and about other miscellaneous adventures that don't necessarily involve my light table or getting ink on my jeans.
To the left is the last poster I printed in 2012.  It's a tour poster for The Devil Makes Three, and they will be available from the band on their upcoming tour.  I'll also have some copies for sale on my website in the not-too-distant future.
2012 has been an eventful year.  I printed a whole mess of art prints and rock posters, cramped my hand up doing some of my personal favorite drawings and paintings to date, went skateboarding a lot, joined a band, recorded an album, and tracked countless miles on my bike all over the city of Chicago.  Work took me to Spain, Germany, North Dakota, and Seattle.  I explored Istanbul on an overnight layover.  I skated a massive storm ditch in Albuquerque before a soundcheck while out on a brief tour with the band.  I feasted on vegan donuts a couple days later in Las Vegas.  My girlfriend and I drove our Fiat 500 rental car along I-5 in Washington with the sunroof open and bellies full of Mediterranean food.  I attended my first ever Hanukkah party, only to attend another the following night (Hanukkah parties are awesome, by the way).  I spent perhaps too many hours in a van, laughing with guys who are quickly becoming close friends of mine.  Besides posters, I had the exciting pleasure of being commissioned to do artwork for a beer label, a book cover, a print for a popular TV show, and a few albums.  I am still touched and flattered when people approach me with opportunities like these.  It's been a weird sort of journey to navigate and learn this trade publicly the way so many artists and designers tend to do.  But it's been rewarding.
It's an uncertain, bizarre, and sometimes incomprehensibly cruel world, but I'm immensely grateful for what I have.  Happy new year to anybody reading this.  Let's take care of each other out there.

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