04 February 2012

Shredding ten vegetables

Hello! I've been working on some new drawings for an illustration and a poster, as well as films for new art prints. To the left is some pencil work (in progress at time of photo) that I used as a guide for an ink/acrylic-on-paper version of the drawing. The finished piece will be used for Community Records' Block Party 2012. I will also being doing posters for the event based on this image as well.

I recently answered a few questions for TEN x TEN, a print artist and musician collaboration that will be released later this year. Prints from this show will be on display at Expo 72 in Chicago (reception on March 2nd, 2012). The interview about my print for TEN x TEN is posted here.

And since I'm a skateboarder who doesn't eat meat or animal products, I've been featured on the very excellent Vegan Skate Blog. Check it out.

I just finished inking a new drawing for a poster that I'll be printing this coming week, so I'm going to get some food and head back to my apartment. Woo!

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