17 February 2012

Bikes, drums, calendars, pens, coconut milk, and shaving

I spent a large part of yesterday adding detail to films with a very small opaque pen. My keyline films are made from ink drawings that I print onto film with a blueprint printer. The drawings are usually enlarged and printed close to 150%, so sometimes things like distant trees could stand some added fine lines and detail. I've always liked touching up and manipulating films with an X-acto and film pens, but lately I have been reworking some areas entirely. In the picture, you can see the difference between tree branches at the left and the branches directly below the pen. I'm pretty stoked with the level of depth that this kind of reworking has given the whole composition. I've got a long way to go with the print, but I'm excited to keep moving forward with it.
Coming up this spring: Group poster exhibitions in London and Liverpool (which I unfortunately will probably not be attending in person, due to scheduling) and a European Flatstock in Barcelona at the end of May (which I will be attending in person). I've never been to Spain before, but I know it's pretty close to the Balearic Sea. I intend to swim there regardless of water temperature. It couldn't possibly be any colder than the Atlantic Ocean in New Brunswick in the spring (which was freezing).
A new art print will be available very soon through Nevermind Gallery. Stay tuned.

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