23 September 2011

"So 'lemon' means 'lime,' and 'lime' means nothing!?"

Oh shit! Flatstock Europe 6 is already here! Yesterday was a long and busy (and incredibly fun) first day of this year's Euro Flatstock. Hilariously, it seems I have become something of a vegetarian food guide in the rock poster community, too. Veg(etari)ans have been asking me about where to get food in Hamburg, what restaurants to eat at, etc. I'm more than happy to help, of course. Come say hi to me at my Flatstock booth today; I'll tell you how to speak enough German to order a pizza without cheese but with a bunch of vegetables. Or maybe you're concerned there's butter or yogurt in that Indian dish? Come see me. I'll set the record straight.
I don't mean to make vegetarianism or veganism sound like a set of self imposed restrictions or a maniacal quest for purity. It's really about doing your best to live a life that extends consideration to our non-human roommates on this big old planet of ours. I think people get overwhelmed when traveling and trying to keep Kosher with a vegetarian diet, but it's not hard or unenjoyable. I've had some outstanding meals on this trip.

I'm back at my friend Henni's place in Hamburg with Dan MacAdam. We don't have to be at Flatstock until 3 PM, so we're hanging out and talking about the Minutemen (the excellent band, not the less-than-excellent xenophobic vigilante group) , VHS tapes, the US Postal Service, and bungalow houses.
I'm going to get out and wander this city for a bit. If you're in Hamburg, come witness the hooliganism. After Flatstock, I'm off to Dresden for the Colored Gigs Volume 3 poster show, followed by the Orange Factory poster exhibition in Belgium. Then I fly back to Chicago and begin/resume working on a bunch of fun new projects. Expect a whole mess of new prints this fall.

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