03 August 2011

Ice, potatoes, pencils, and air conditioning

I set up shop in a new location this afternoon. Here's a camera phone picture of my temporary drawing setup in my girlfriend's living room. I spent a good chunk of the day at her apartment, helping her out with a sprained ankle. With plenty of work left to complete for the Hamburg show, I worked on some preliminary drawings for new pieces while she rested and applied ice to her injury.
I found a snapshot of a house under construction that I took months ago when I was at my parents' house. I'd more or less forgotten about the photograph, but it ended up making for a pretty cool sketch (we thought so, at least). The pencil drawing at the bottom left in the frame will be used as a guide for the final piece. I lay a sheet of rag paper down on the pencil drawing on my light table and do a series of layered ink washes. Because I have to let the sheet dry in between washes, I try to make sure I'm working on a few of these at once. Towards the end, I start to go in with a fine pencil and do small accents or light line work. Occasionally, I will add diluted white acrylic for highlights.
I'm also working on a bunch of new acrylic on panel paintings, which are fun to do again. I hadn't done any acrylic paintings since the fall, and it feels good to continue exploring the medium. I still feel very new to painting, but I enjoy the way screen printing has informed my approach to it. I feel more comfortable with paint now than I ever did in undergrad, but I still feel like I have a lot to learn. Still, I'm pretty excited about this new batch of work.

One last little note for subscribers: Subscription tubes with all prints for the first half of the year have been shipped out. True story.

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