24 April 2011

Who wants to start a mathrock band?

Oh, look! Elephants! I drew and printed these guys for Block Party 2011, a multi-band event put on by Community Records. These friendly elephants are marching at the intersection of Carondelet and Clio Street in New Orleans. By coincidence, my initial sketch bore a close resemblance to the intersection at which this fest is being held. This was pointed out by the record label, and they supplied me with some snapshots of the intersection so I could draw it more precisely.
One of the headlining bands for Block Party 2011 was RX Bandits, who I've read are on their final tour. I saw RX Bandits in 1999 when they were still a ska band (yep). They took a lot stylistic twists and turns over the years and ended up being a totally different (but awesome) sounding band. It's pretty cool to do a poster for a band I listened to when I was kid.
This poster is going to be available on my site shortly.
One last thing: If you're in Chicago, you should get over to Rotofugi sometime soon and check out Jay Ryan's new paintings. I rode my bike in some underestimated rain on Friday to attend the opening (even though I could have driven). Anyway, Jay's new work is awesome, so check out it.

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