01 March 2011

Postcard process photos

I was recently commissioned to design and print a small run of postcards for a German company. After getting the artwork approved, I inked two color separations on additional sheets of paper and headed off to the copy shop. I reduced each drawn layer to 50% of the original size and xeroxed them onto film. I decided to only print two to a sheet, as I knew the films would need some minor touching up and because the run size was small enough that I didn't need to print six or eight cards at a time. Below is the first color on the drying rack.
Then I put the film for the second two colors down on the first color to make sure everything would register and make any necessary touch ups.
The second color was a transparent peach sort of color. I used this only for the two figures.
And below, we have the finished product. After printing the keyline, I headed over to a local printing company to have them cut down to size. Tomorrow, I pack these up and send them out to Germany.

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