22 March 2011

Honey Badger Don't Care

Just a quick update here. The blog has taken a serious back seat as I attempt to move without interrupting things too much on the art and freelance front. I've been living in Joliet, a city about thirty miles from Chicago, renting a portion of my friend's house. I've also been working here, having converted most of the basement into a home studio. I pulled the last screen here yesterday (the ninth and final color on a new art print for an upcoming group show at Gallery 1988). Today was spent taking things down, packing up prints, and preparing to move to Chicago. To the left is my homemade washout booth (thoroughly stained with lots of reclaimed QTX) as I began to disassemble it.

Going through stacks and stacks of printed paper, I've come across a whole slough of misprints, test prints, and forgotten line variants, along with original drawings and sketches while cleaning out my office area. This means a spring mystery tube is most certainly coming in the next few days. Check back soon for on sale information; these are going to be some really good mystery tubes. For reals.

I'm really excited to finally be living in Chicago proper. I've got a ton of stuff to get right to work on, as well as an essay I've been meaning to write and post on here, so you can expect to see more frequent updates very soon. I'm also looking forward to the (eventually) impending nice weather the resultant bicycle use.

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