21 August 2010

100% Tree

Hello, blog patron. I hope today's post finds you well. I'm organizing my studio, and getting ready to print some posters. I'm also gearing up to head off to Seattle for the first time to participate in Flatstock 27, and I'm preparing for my new houseguest, Easy. Easy is a retired racing greyhound whom I will begin fostering tomorrow. He'll be hanging out with me for a week until he goes to live in Evanston with his new family.

I currently have a show on display at Fillintheblank Gallery called "A Walking Tour of Here." Yeah, yeah, that's old news, but here's the fun part: The gallery is offering free shipping on all domestic orders, as well as discounted international shipping. Check it out here: http://www.fillintheblankgallery.com/justin-santora/

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