09 June 2010

Between a bike, a skateboard, and a machine gun; the machine gun is the safest choice.

I got back to Illinois last week following a two-week tour through eastern Canada with my friend's band. Many good times were had; we swam in five different bodies of water, played a lot of good shows, played a few not-so-good shows, ate a lot of cereal, slept in vans, slept on couches, developed bizarre inside jokes, met some great people, listened to a ton of Chumbawamba (seriously), fed cows, made new friends, and didn't see any moose.

I'm already hard at work on some art prints, as well as some new paintings for my show at Fillintheblank Gallery in August. To the left are some films for a new art print, which is based on a sketch I made in the van two weeks ago.

Sorry for the lack of updates here. I do, however, have one more item of possible interest:

Summer Mystery Tubes
Each tube will contain (at least): Three posters and/or art prints
, one slightly imperfect print, one uniquely hand-manipulated print OR a test print, and one original drawing or sketch.
Not bad, eh? But there are only 15 available! Check it out.

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