19 April 2010

Learned to surf

I'm unwinding after a long day of film preparation and printing. I just finished printing some posters that I will be getting trimmed down tomorrow (my first ever full bleed poster). Then I've got to sign them and bring them to the venue! I'm looking forward to resuming work on a diptych art print tomorrow. I'll be attempting to print the diptych on single sheets of paper and cutting them in half at the end of the run. The challenge will be planning each color to work for both compositions (split fountains will come in handy here). I hope to have these finished and available before the end of the week, but definitely early next week.

And just for fun, below is a picture of my roommate's dog, Radar. I took a frisbee break with her in between colors this morning. It's been her favorite toy lately.
Radar is a Chesapeake Bay retriever and is easily one of the most bizarre dogs I have ever met. I don't think you can find a dog who likes kale and lettuce as much as she does. Chesapeake Bays are a very high energy breed, and I think if she had her way, she'd put in at least six hours a day chasing sticks, frisbees, and tennis balls around the yard.

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